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Cont de tranzactionare

Oricine poate sa castige pe pietele financiare. TeleTrade ofera termeni si conditii confortabile si favorabile pentru cei care sunt interesati sa isi mareasca veniturile.

Inainte sa incepeti sa tranzactionati, trebuie sa va deschideti un cont de tranzactionare in Pagina dvs Personala. Pe acest cont, ordinele vor fi executate pentru a va asigura tranzactiile pe piata Forex.

Stabiliti cu ce suma de bani doriti sa va alimentati contul, selectati-va tipul de cont dorit si instrumentele pe care doriti sa le tranzactionati.
  • Tipuri de conturi

    Tranzactionare self-directed si Tranzactionare Sincronizata. Puteti sa alegeti oricare dintre cele doua variante, dupa ce ati evaluat avantajele pentru fiecare in parte. Copiati in mod automat tranzactiile celor mai de succes traderi si castigati la fel cum fac ei. Tranzactionati pe cont propriu si veti castiga si mai mult!

  • Capital initial

    Profitati la maximum de investitiile dvs! Marimea contului dvs conteaza: capitalul initial este baza profiturilor viitoare. In functie de suma, contul dvs poate fi eligibil pentru unul dintre cele trei statusuri VIP.

  • Instrumente de tranzactionare

    Cele mai profitabile instrumente sunt disponibile catre clientii TeleTrade: valute (instrumente Forex), CFD-uri pe stocuri, CFD-uri pe contracte futures, CFD-uri pe metale, CFD-uri pe valute.


Incercati aceasta varianta pe cont propriu: Deschideti-va un cont de tranzactionare, alimentati-l, descarcati-va platforma de tranzactionare si incepeti sa tranzactionati.


Aveti incredere in experienta: Daca alegeti aceasta varianta, puteti sa faceti profit oricand, fiind eliberat de necesitatea de a lua decizii pentru fiecare ordin. Copiati tranzactiile in mod automat pe contul dvs, mentinandu-va in acelasi timp controlul absolut asupra banilor dvs.

  • Test
  • StandardStandard
  • ProfessionalProfessional
  • VIP GoldVIP Gold
  • VIP PlatinumVIP Platinum
Cont de test

Formati-va aptitudinile de tranzactionare, fara sa va riscati proprii bani! Va punem la dispozitie un cont de test de 50,000$

Status Cont Standard

Suma din contul dvs este de cel putin 2,000$

Se aplica termenii si conditiile generale asupra tranzactilor dvs.

Status Cont Profesional

Suma din contul dvs este de cel putin 50,000$

Se aplica termenii si conditiile speciale asupra tranzactilor dvs.

Status VIP Gold

Suma din contul dvs este de cel putin 100,000$.

Se aplica termenii si conditiile speciale si privilegiile.

Status VIP Platinum

Suma din contul dvs este de cel putin 500,000$.

Se aplica termenii si conditiile speciale si privilegiile.

Service Status Professional from $50,000 Status VIP GOLD from $100,000 Status VIP PLATINUM from $500,000
Personal Manager

During working hours

5 days a week

From 9.00 to 21.00

At any time of the day

7 days a week (excluding specially declared public holidays and bank holidays)

At any time of the day

7 days a week (excluding specially declared public holidays and bank holidays)

For VIP Status – working hours (5 days a week, from 9.00 to 21.00). For VIP GOLD and VIP PLATINUM – at any time of the day, 7 days a week (excluding specially declared public holidays and bank holidays)


Personal relationship manager is your personal assistant and consultant, who is aware of financial markets nuances and subtleties.

This is a high-class specialist who is able not only to promptly solve any technical issues you may have, but also to arrange for you swift deposits/withdrawals, consult you about a wide range of TeleTrade products and services.

Our technical support team is also available and would be glad to assist each and every client 24 hours 5 days per week regardless of their status. However the personal relationship manager can solve a much wider spectrum of queries.

Savings Deposit Bonus

Monthly interest at the rate of 24% per annum on special concessional terms

Monthly interest at the rate of 26% per annum on special concessional terms

Monthly interest at the rate of 28% per annum on special concessional terms

  • TeleTrade offers all clients (not only VIP) to join Accumulative Bonus Program – based on 24% per year – with monthly payments. However VIP clients are provided with some special additional benefits.
  • VIP GOLD or VIP PLATINUM clients receive even higher bonus interest – 26% and 28% per year accordingly – based on the same special conditions
  • Accumulative bonus per monthly period is credited at the beginning of the next calendar month. VIP clients receive 24% per year accumulative bonus interest (2% per month), and VIP GOLD clients get 26% per year accumulative bonus (2.16% per month), and VIP PLATINUM clients receive 28% per year accumulative bonus interest (2.33% per month).
  • Accumulative bonus is credited to a VIP client account for all months during which there were no withdrawals. The condition to be met to qualify for this accumulative bonus interest is a minor activity in the trading account. To receive the monthly bonus interest, the amount of traded lots during each monthly period should not be less than the amount of funds at the beginning of the monthly period in the ratio of 1 lot per 1000 USD. For example, 100 lots for 100,000 USD at the beginning of the month, 150 lots for 150,000 USD and so on. Eligible financial instruments for trading to provide the required amount of traded lots include only Forex instruments and CFDs on Metals.
  • Please note that in case there are any other types of bonus in the account, under various TeleTrade bonus programmes, the total of all valid bonuses is automatically included in the amount of funds at the beginning of the monthly period. Due to that, the required number of traded lots in order to receive bonus interests at the end of the monthly period is estimated based on the total amount of funds at the beginning of the same monthly period, which also includes bonuses. In the example above, the amount of funds is to be considered as the total amount of funds. If the client's equity is 100,000 USD in the account, including current profits or losses for all positions, and, say, another 10,000 USD as bonuses, then the total amount of funds on the account is 110,000 USD, and to receive the accumulative bonus at the end of the monthly period, the client needs to have at least 110 traded lots.
  • Meanwhile, any other bonuses received by the client are NOT included in the basis amount based on which the accumulative bonus interest is calculated.
  • The basis amount for crediting the accumulative bonus interest (on a monthly basis) is the total amount of client's equity in the account as per the end of the monthly period, less funds deposited in the account within this monthly period. In other words, the accumulative interest does not apply to bonuses and newly deposited funds for an incomplete monthly period. However, the accumulative interest applies to the profit gained within that monthly period, including the profit gained within an incomplete monthly period.
  • Let's say, based on the same example, the total amount of funds in the account at the end of the monthly period, taking into account the results of all open and closed trades as well as bonuses, is 170,000 USD. 10,000 USD of this amount is bonuses, 20,000 USD is the profit gained by the client within the monthly period, and 40,000 USD is additional funds deposited in the account by the client in the same monthly period. Provided that the client closed over 110 lots in that monthly period, at the beginning of the next monthly period the client will receive +2% of 120,000 USD, i.e. 2,400 USD. The amount 40,000 USD deposited within the monthly period and the bonus amount of 10,000 USD are not subject to monthly interest calculation. The interest is accrued on the client's equity worth 100,000 USD and 20,000 USD profit gained in the monthly period.
  • If a VIP client has a number of trading accounts, the calculation and payouts of accumulative interests are carried out separately for each account.

These special conditions apply for all VIP statuses.

For more details in regard to the procedure of accumulative interest payouts please contact your account manager.

* subject to Terms and Conditions

Reduced spreads in the form of commissions (in favour of the client) per transaction

TeleTrade partly pays back to its clients the expenditures for closed operations during the billing month.

Return rate 20% Return rate 25%
Return rate 30%

Cash-back to trading account

TeleTrade partly pays back to its clients the expenditures for closed operations during the billing month. The amount of cash-back will depend on client’s VIP-status and will be calculated on the basis of the spread amount upon a position closing and the commission, which a client pays for the operation performance. Cash-back amount cannot exceed $10 per lot. The pay-back will be transferred to the client’s account at the beginning of each month prior to the 5th date of the month, following the billing month.

Repayment conditions:

  • The client’s account should have VIP-status on the beginning and the end of the billing month, and on the date of pay-back transfer.
  • During the current month there was no credit on the customer's account given by the Company as a bonus on the deposit.
  • The client should not retrieve his/her money from the account during the billing month.
  • Only FOREX and CFD on metals closed operations will be taken into account. The operations should comply with the following terms:
    • the operation should be at least 2 minutes long (120 seconds);
    • the difference between opening and closing prices should have at least 0,05% of opening price (proportional to ~ 0,0005 points for EUR/USD pair).

Example of pay-back calculation for a closed position:

Suppose, during the billing month a client closed EURUSD position of 10 lots.

Closing spread came up to 0,6 points or $60 for 10 lots on EURUSD pair.

Opening commission was $80.

So, at the beginning of the next month the client will get 25% pay-back from the sum of $140, which is equal to $35.

Reimbursement of Negative Rollover

The company compensates accumulated negative rollover for the transactions closed within the previous month.

Reimbursement of Negative Rollover

TeleTrade reimburses its VIP clients for accumulated negative rollover for the transactions closed within the previous monthly period. The reimbursement amount is credited to the client's trading account at the beginning of every month but not later than on the 5th of the month following after the accounting month.

Reimbursement Payment Conditions:

  • The calculation includes only closed positions involving FOREX and CFD on metals instruments.
  • At the beginning and at the end of the monthly period as well as on the date of reimbursement payment, the client must hold the VIP status.
«Green Line» – a specially dedicated service line for the VIP-service transactions

A special telephone line (separate number for VIP clients)

Depositing without commissions

The company will compensate the commission of banks or payment systems during transfer of funds to your trading accounts – please contact your account manager

Advance refill (up to 20% of the deposit)

Rapid replenishment of account at the expense of the company in the form of an interest-free advance payment for up to 2 weeks

The need for fast deposits could arise, for example, when a client would like to open a higher volume trade or to maintain an open position. Decisions for the company to make advance payments to maintain an open position are taken by TeleTrade Financial Department on a case-by-case basis.

Furthermore, one of our support team experts is always ready to assist you in the comfort of any of our offices located in more than 200 cities and 30 countries of the world. If needed, you will be provided with a computer and high-speed Internet connection or Wi- Fi.

We are always glad to meet you and ready to provide high-level support to make your work a pleasure!

Free admission to all workshops and training programs

Including in-depth training and special seminars – please contact your account manager


Preturile valutelor sunt foarte volatile. Acesta este principalul motiv pentru care valutele sunt cele mai favorite instrumente de tranzactionare. Piata valutara este cea mai mare piata din lume. Deprecierea unei valute duce la aprecierea alteia, de aceea puteti sa castigati pe baza fluctuatiilor valutare. Chiar si pe timp de criza, puteti sa alegeti o paritate care sa va aduca profit.

Conditii de tranzactionare MT4

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CFD-uri pe stocuri

Stocurile sunt intrumente clasice pentru investitii, ce au fost in mod traditional foarte populare printre marii investitori. Piata de stocuri din intreaga lume detine un numar impresionant de actiuni ale mai multor companii spre a putea fi tranzactionate si astfel sa ii stimuleze pe investitori sa castige sume importante, dar pentru acest lucru capitalul initial trebuie sa fie mult mai mare decat cel necesar pentru tranzactionarea pe piata Forex. CFD-urile pe stocuri ofera oportunitatea de a face profit din fluctuatiile preturilor actiunilor, iar pentru a incepe sa tranzactionati pe CFD-uri, este necesara o suma mai mica de bani, in comparatie cu cea necesara tranzactionarii pe piata de actiuni. Tranzactionand CFD-uri, va puteti bucura de toate avantajele tranzactionarii pe actiuni, si mai mult decat atat veti putea descoperi oportunitati suplimentare, mai exact sa folositi short selling.

Conditii de tranzactionare MT4

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CFD-uri pe metale

Metalele pretioase au o valoare intrinseca in orice moment, iar cererea pentru ele nu scade niciodata, chiar si in vremuri de criza financiara. Daca va investiti economiile in metale pretioase, puteti sa va bazati ca acestea isi vor pastra valoarea de-a lungul anilor. Din acest motiv, aurul este numit de investitori “safe heaven” si in acelasi timp este un activ cu un randament ridicat. Totusi, pretul aurului este supus la fluctuatii, ceea ce inseamna ca dvs puteti sa profitati tranzactionand. Prin tranzactionarea aurului, dvs puteti sa castigati atat din cresterea pretului, cat si din scaderea acestuia. Iar in contrast cu achizitionarea efectiva a aurului, un CFD pe aur va ofera sansa sa profitati aproape imediat de miscarile din piata si sa marcati profit in cateva secunde. Un alt avantaj semnificativ ar fi ca nu va trebui sa stocati lingouri de aur.

Conditii de tranzactionare MT4

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CFD-uri pe Indici

Conditii de tranzactionare MT4

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CFD-uri pe comoditati

Conditii de tranzactionare MT4

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CFD-uri pe Crypto

Conditii de tranzactionare MT4

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